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History of Wetumka


Chad W Cummings

The history of Wetumka starts much like Oklahoma City or any city for that matter. It started out as a tent city and dirt roads. Its side walk was wooden planks although it didn't stay that way for long. I would have to say that it must have been fun being a founding part of Wetumka. Being part of something great and being a part of a new beginning.

Wetumka was the starting place for some and a home for others. Let's first go over the first building that was a brick and mortar. It seems that the town hall and fraternal lodge combination was the first building to go up as a brick and mortar buildings, but it wasn't built from the ground up as a brick and mortar it was converted from wood to brick and mortar. The site of the present city municipal was the site of the first city municipal was also the site of of a small frame hotel. It was owned by a Mr. Kirkpatrick which was a grocery department of The Coin Store.

The first block was completed in 1911 which from The First National Bank to The Old Brick Hotel on West Broadway. Some time before that Dicerson's General store was built. This happens to be the building that is known as The Farmers' Exchanged which still happens to be standing today. Very little was was do to alter it over time. Today it is in a little disarray and might need to be repaired, but it is a true time capsule of how wetumka was in the past.

Lets got back to the streets and how they got updated over time. Like I said Wetumka start as a tent city. Now as building went up the road stayed being dirt and the sidewalks started as wooden planks. It end up being so bad that everytime the wind would pick up everyone would run to close their doors and windows to try to keep the dirt out of their businesses. Now to make matters worst was when there was a man contracted to carry water all day it would leak water on the road. This would not be a problem in todays world but 1908 it created a big problem of making dirt roads mud roads.

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