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Wetumka Housing Authority Notices

Tenants of Wetumka
Housing Authority
Wetumka, OK 74883


27 March 2017

Staff Changes - Once again I want to welcome to WHA Maintenance two new staff members. As Maintenance Lead, welcome aboard Lewis Yahola. He will be overseeing the operation of the Maintenance Department in a hands on capacity. Lewis brings a great many skills to us as he has been in construction for many years. Also corning onboard, is Patrick Hicks who also has a wealth of knowledge and experience in construction. Chris Lunsford is still with us and he will be working to get Yahola and Hicks oriented to their new positions and making introductions over the next several days.

By way of announcement, though he was only with us a very short while Randy Hudson has chosen to seek employment opportunities elsewhere. So, meet and greet our two new maintenance men Lewis Yahola and Patrick Hicks.

We may be seeing some rain the early part of this week. That means that the best time to work in the yards will be Thursday and Friday of this week. Our ability to actually get into the yards may depend on the amount of rain that falls You can be ready regardless of the weather if your yard toys, etc. are picked up so we can get in and get it done.

The emergency afterhours number is 405.380.8171. The Emergency telephone is carried by Lewis Yahola for AFTER HOURS reports of maintenance issues, or other EMERGENCIES. If your need is identified during normal office hours (and not during holidays or other office closures) please call the regular office number of 405.452.3444 and speak with Debra or myself. You can also leave a message on our answering machine.

With the full manning of the Maintenance staff please know that we WILL be changing your HVAC filters on the second Thursday of April. Our normal procedure is to change these filters the same day as our standing exterminator visitation day - which is the second Thursday of the month.

With the completion of the City of Wetumka dog pound dog complaints have decreased. Remember your dog is not supposed to run free. If found loose the city may pick up your dog.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at the address and telephone number above.

Sincerely yours,
Steven Cates
Executive Director
Wetumka Housing Authority

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