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Wetumka Housing Authority Services

We at Wetumka Housing Authority offer a number of services to the tenants. We at the Wetumka Housing Authority as a community room that can be used by the tenants for just about anything as long as it is cleaned up before the tenant leaves. The community room is not limited for just the use of the tenants but could be used by anyone as it is a public community room for public use. Here is a couple pictures of the community room. The picture on top is of the community room itself and the picture on bottom is the kitchen for the community room.

Wetumka Housing Authority community room

As you can see above it is quite a lot of space to have a party but the fire marshall set max capacity of 75 people. That means you can't have a real big party. With the kitchen seen below you don't have to leave to get any food just bring it with you and cook it there. No need to worry about plates or silverware if you for got them because we go some in the cabinet and drawers.

Wetumka Housing Authority community room kitchen

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