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Wetumka and what it can offer you

The city of Wetumka has a number of things that it offers the people. It has a Tag Agency for all of your Department of Motor Vehicles need expect for issuing new driving licence. This is due to not having the means of giving the driven portion of the test. It is independently owned and operated by a nice woman that will do everything in her power to help you with all of your needs. If there is something she can't help you with then she will tell you who can.

Wetumka Tag Agency

Right a cross the street from theTag Agency is the Wetumka Post Office which will have all you need to send any letter or package with the United States Postal Service. The Wetumka Post Office is operated by nice people that will help you in all of your Postal needs. Right next to the Wetumka Post Office is Red Hawk Gaming which was a training center for casino slot machine technicians in Oklahoma. It has been closed down due to a number of issues. Next to the Red Hawk Gaming is Sentry Hardware and Tyler Drugs. Sentry Hardware will have nost of you you might need for home improvment and maintenance needs. Tyler Drugs is the town pharmacy and the people working there is operating both Sentry Hardware and Tyler Drugs. They are kind, honest, and very helpful. If they can't help you they will get you to the right people that might.

Sentry Hardware and Tyler Drugs

Next farther down Main Street you will see the East Central Oklahoma Family Health Center, Inc. The East Central Oklahoma Family Health Center is just a clinic that can handle most minor medical issues and some major medical issues. Although it may just be a clinic with some limited capability it still tries to help all the people that comes to its doors in one form or another. They will do everthing in their power to help you and if they can't they will tell you who can.

East Central Oklahoma Family Health Center

Next if you keep going south on Main Street you will come to an intersection where Highway 75/Main Street and Highway 9 meet. If you look at the store on the right side you will see Super C Mart which is the grocery store for Wetumka. This store will meet most of your grocery shopping needs at a price that most people can handle. It even offers Gasoline and Diesel for your Fueling needs.

Super C Mart

Now if you look to the left at the same intersection you will see the Mabrey Bank which although it may be the only bank in Wetunka it serves the people of Wetumka well. It is used by Wetumka Housing Authority along with most of the local businesses.

Citizens Security Bank

Now if you turn left into Highway 9 you will see Wetumkas one any only Dairy Queen. Although it is independently owned and operated it is the best ice cream you can get for the price. It is operated mainly by High School students but they do their best to serve you. They even have some stuff that are not found in some Dairy Queens like Steak Fingers.

Dairy Queen

If you keep going past Dairy Queen you will see Dollar General to the left which is really just a General store. That means if Super C Mart doesn't have what you are looking for then try Dollar General before going somewhere else like Holdenville or Seminole. This Dollar General often has a number of things that can't be found in the other Dollar General's. This includes Pre-Paid Cell Phones that will really work in the Wetumka Area and beyond. This Dollar General is the only other store in Wetumka besides Super C Mart.

Dollar General

If you happen to like to fishing camping or some sort of water crafts then Wetumka Lake has you covered. This Welcome Stone is at the entrance as you would see it from lake road. Now the easiest to get to lake road would depend on the direction you are coming from within Wetumka. If you are going north on Highway 75/Main Street then you would turn left West Helen Avenue which is the second intersection once you cross the railroad tracks. Then you you would turn right at the third intersection. You would then follow the road north which will lead you to the lake. Now if you so happen to be going south on Highway 75/Main Street then you would need to turn right at the Highway 75/Main Street and Highway 9 intersection. You would then turn right at the third intersection. You would then follow the road north which will lead you to the lake.

Wetumka Lake Welcome Stone

Now when you enter the Wetumka Lake grounds you will see the welcome sign which will display all the prices for what they offer. As you can see they have daily and yearly for fishing boat, tube fishing, and water crafts and only daily prices for camping. They even have a launching ramp for boats and next to the ramp they have a place to part so you don't have to park your vehicle very far from the ramp.

Wetumka Lake Welcome Sign

This is how the launching ramp looks from the parking lot that is real close to it on the lake.

Wetumka Lake Launching Ramp

If you happen to be a golfer then you are in luck because Wetumka happens to have a golf course with driving range and it is right next to the Wetumka Lake. That means when you are done golfing you can go camping or the other way around or both. As you can see it even as a bench to sit on if you are waiting on someone or just need to sit down. The driving range of the golf course can be seen from lake road.

Wetumka Golf Course and Driving Range

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