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October 2017
Edition 201710
WHA is Smoke Free

Maintenance Telephone Emergency Number

If you have an EMERGENCY after hours, weekends, or on a holiday call 405.380.8171. If your situation can wait until the next business day, please call the office at 405.452.3444 anytime 24/7 and leave a message. We will address it as quickly as we can. Remember, we do not have a night staff so call your maintenance needs in early, and remember afterhours response is overtime.

Vacating Units

Please plan your move and be prompt in vacating your unit. Delaying your move out ties up a valuable community resource and costs WHA money. Rent continues until you turn in the keys to your unit. Call the utilities (especially ONG) to request a meter readout and have the address put back in WHA's name. It costs extra for WHA to move your utility for you. All costs are taken from any security refund due to you. It is an unnecessary expense that is avoidable for all.

Pets and Pet Deposits

By WHA policy, a dog is not to be outside of your unit unless under the physical control of a member of the household (ie. on a leash) at all times. Also Pet owners must clean up after their pets and they, are responsible for properly disposing of the pet's waste.

If you have acquired a pet and not paid your pet deposit that is a violation of your lease and could get you evicted. You are not allowed to keep your friend's pet without paying the pet deposit. WHA allows SMALL dogs. Large dogs who were once small as puppies are not excepted. Please help us get the pets under control. The city has responsibility for animal control, Note: The City of Wetumka now has its kennel up and running. Feel free to report any strays to the City office.

Social Security Letters

Remember that recertifications are an annual event, Please save all letters from the Social Security Administration, your pension plans, annuities, or other sources of income so that we can justify to HUD how we calculated your rent based on your income. You are required as a condition of rental assistance to provide this information.

If You Should Find Work

If you should find work please let the office know at your earliest convenience and then provide copies of your first couple of paychecks stubs. Government assisted housing is simply that —assistance. WHA rent, for the individual, is based on their income (with certain government allowed exceptions). Do not find yourself suddenly in debt because your income changed and you did not notify us. We are required to collect past rent that you would have paid if you notified us promptly.

Remember - HUD Supported Public Housing Has Gone Smoke Free as of 2/3/2017

Smoke free means inside all of WHA's units, offices, vehicles, Community Room, storage buildings, and storm shelters, to include within 25 feet of the building entrance or any open window, That eliminates smoking on porches as well. (WHA Commissioners have stated that you can smoke inside your personal vehicle even if it is inside the 25 foot boundary). WHA has until August 3, 2018 to get into complete compliance with the new law, including effective enforcement (up to and including totally out of WHA's, the City's, the mayor's, WHA's Board of including effective enforcement. Commissioners, or anyone local's control. WHA will be posting reminders and setting up markers to remind you of what is coming as we ramp up to full enforcement. As of now, the Board of Commissioners has decided that smoking will be allowed on WHA property, but at least 25+ feet from any door. The Commissioners will be making a decision on the consequences of violating the law regarding eviction and penalties. There will be more to follow. We start strongly enforcing the law in August 2018. Stay tuned.

Stop Smoking Kits

Stop smoking kits are available at little or no cost. Just call 1.800.QUIT NOW to assist you in stopping smoking. Various items such as patches, and nicotine gum are available as part of their kit. If you are a smoker, don't wait until August 2018 to create a plan on how you will meet the conditions of the law.

Smoking Centers

I have been directed to develop smoking centers in each of the neighborhood areas. A place where smokers can smoke that meets the terms of the law. These will not be enclosed to prevent being identified as a "building". If you have any suggestions, please call the office.

Renter's Insurance (Recommended)

With the recent hurricanes it should be obvious that fires, flooding, etc. happen. WHA does not insure the contents of its units because that belongs to you, the tenants. It is private property. Protecting private property is the responsibility of the tenant.

Resident Advisory Board

I am in need of creating another Resident Advisory Board (RAB) because of resignations. The RAB is required by HUD to ensure that the tenant's have an opportunity to participate in the development of WHA's maintenance budgets. The RAB serves as a representative of the tenants of WHA and acts as advisors to me as I work to develop Capital Budgets to fund and improve the facilities offered by WHA. Usually, there is only one meeting a year where I will present my budget roughs prior to presenting them to the Board for approval. We talk about maintenance needs of WHA and try to prioritize addressing these with the resources available to WHA. The RAB, represented by the Chairperson of the RAB signs off on its recommendations to me and the Board of Commissioners which is submitted to HUD with the budget documents. I then take the RAB's recommendations and present them to the Board of Commissioners. The Board of Commissioners then make decisions on our spending priorities. I write up a final budget plan and post it for 30 days for public input. Depending on the public input I write a final version budget for approval by the Board of Commissioners. Once approved I submit it to HUD for approval. Upon HUD's approval, I am then authorized to contract the work specified, and draw the funds necessary to pay the contractors. We would schedule the meetings for early afternoon or early evening depending on your schedule. I would like a representative from each area to represent your neighbors. If you would be willing to be on the RAB, please call the office.

September Exterminator Services

Note: Bedbugs are an epidemic in Wetumka. Watch for them. Treat for them. People carry them in on their clothes. Catch them early and they can be stopped. Let them get established and it can get expensive real quick. Learn how to protect yourself.

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