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April 2018
Edition 201804
WHA is a Smoke-Free Housing Authority

Maintenance Telephone Emergency Number

If you have an EMERGENCY with your unit after hours, weekends, or on a holiday call 405.380.8171. If your situation can wait until the next business day, please call the office at 405.452.3444.

Vacating Units

Please plan your move and be prompt in vacating your unit. Delaying your exit out ties up a community resource costing WHA money. Rent continues to accrue until you turn in the keys to your unit. Remember to call the utilities (especially ONG) requesting a meter readout and to put the address in WHA's name. It costs extra for WHA to move your utility for you. Extra costs are taken from any refund due to you. It is an unnecessary expense that is avoidable.

Pets and Pet Deposits

Control your pets and keep them inside your unit - or lose them. They are not to be allowed to bark. They are not to be let loose, nor are they to be picketed outside unsupervised. Both are policy violations, and consequently a violation of your lease. The City of Wetumka has a dog catcher. Fines for pets running loose are $125 I am told. If you don't like the dogs, et al, running loose around your unit call the City, they will send someone out..

WHA needs a picture of your dog. We also need documentation that your pet been tagged, spayed or neutered, and has all required vaccinations. Please bring your documentation to the office, or drop it in the outside drip box.

Social Security Letters

Remember that recertifications are annual events. Save all income letters from the Social Security Administration, pension plans, annuities, or other income sources so we can justify to HUD how we calculated your rent. This information is a condition of your lease.

Reporting a Change in Income

Please report all changes in your income to the WHA office, even if it does not affect your rent. We need to document it for our HUD records. We base your rent on projected annual income for your household (with certain government specified exceptions). Do not find yourself suddenly in debt to WHA because your income changed and you did not notify us. WHA is required to collect the past rent that you would have paid if you notified us promptly.

Remember - Public Housing Has Gone Smoke Free as of 2/3/2017

Smoke free means NO smoking inside any of WHA's units or facilities, including storm shelters or within 25 feet of the building entrances or all open windows. (WHA Commissioners have stated that you can smoke inside a privately owned vehicle even if it is inside the 25 foot boundary).

While WHA is officially smoke free you have until August 3, 2018 before we aggressively start to enforce the rules about no smoking. The full range of enforcement options has yet to be developed, but it can include eviction. This is a Federal requirement as established by HUD, who owns the housing you live in. This is totally out of WHA's, the City's, the mayor's, or WHA's Board of Commissioners' control. If you are a smoker, plan now what you will do and be ready. If this is unacceptable to you — you have the option to move someplace more supportive of your personal habits.

Stop Smoking Kits

Stop smoking kits are available at little or no cost. Call 1.800.QUIT NOW for assistance to stop smoking. Items such as patches, and nicotine gum are available as part of their kit.

Smoking Centers

I have yet to get any advice from any tenant about the best locations for smoking zones. A smoker's refuge for lack of a better term. If you have any ideas — give me a call.

Renter's Insurance (Recommended)

This is Oklahoma and fires, flooding, earthquakes, etc. happen. WHA does not insure the contents of its units because that belongs to you - the tenants. It is private property. Protecting private property is the responsibility of the owner. If you self-insure you risk losing it all.

Resident Advisory Board (RAB)

I now have three women who have agreed to serve in this capacity in 2018. If you are willing to be on the RAB, call the office.

Yard Work over the Summer

It does not look like Gene Berryhill will be back this summer. He did a great job last year. We are looking at our options right now. Still, the grass will kick off soon now and we will have to be moving fast. Please help again this year by keeping trash, toys, yard furniture, etc. out of the yards so when the mowers start moving they can get after it and get `er done.

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